Quality Control

We address quality control from multiple angles: both technology and personnel, both preventive and remedial.

Examples of Technology

  • To the extent possible, operator input is automatically cross-checked for correctness as it is entered, screening out errors before they get in the database.
  • Address checking software provides an instant correct USPS shipping address and ZIP+4.
  • Credit card numbers are verified for correctness on-line.

Stenocall’s technology also enables our quality control department to monitor call statistics closely and address any deviation promptly. Which brings us to the heart of quality control … our people.

Functions of the Quality Control Department

  • Ensures that Stenocall Customer Service Representatives maintain the highest possible standard of customer care.
  • A support system to the Customer Service Representatives by being available to answer questions and handle escalated calls as needed.

We assess the quality of the individual operators and the call center as a whole. Each individual customer service representative (CSR) is evaluated on selected calls that our quality control team monitors.

Our proactive attitude and our clients’ continuous feedback allows us to constantly improve our quality.

Quality Control Procedures

  • Daily monitoring of Customer Service Representatives
    Each QC team member is assigned a set group of CSR’s that he/she is responsible for monitoring. The QC listens to and evaluates calls for each CSR in his/her group. The QC can choose previously recorded calls, do live monitoring or side-by-side monitoring to evaluate. If the QC determines that a CSR’s performance needs immediate improvement, he/she may address the issue with the CSR, or meet with the CSR’s Manager and/or Team Leader (Supervisor) to outline a plan of action.

    While monitoring live calls, the QC will of course immediately address any issues with an individual CSR.
  • Formal evaluations for each Customer Service Representative
    Each CSR’s performance is evaluated for
    • Tone of voice
    • Understanding of the policies of the program
    • Ability to handle calls in a timely manner
    • Ability to answer callers' questions accurately
    • Ability to provide a pleasant telephone experience to the caller
  • Quality Control Reports
    The Data Processing Department generates Quality Control Reports. The reports outline areas where CSR’s are incorrectly filing/categorizing their calls or are not getting complete information. The QC’s are responsible for reviewing these reports with the CSR’s and retraining them on proper procedures.
  • Investigating potential accuracy errors
    The QC’s are responsible for reviewing any potential errors caused by CSR inaccuracy, such as invalid addresses. If an error is determined, through use of the recorded call logger, to be the CSR’s fault, the QC delivers a written reprimand to the CSR. Excessive CSR errors result in disciplinary action by the Inbound Manager.
  • Floor-walking
    The QC’s rotate as “floor-walkers” available in the Call Center to answer CSR questions and observe CSR call handling. They also assist in taking escalated calls in which it is necessary for a caller to speak with a Supervisor.
  • Assist in our comprehensive Training Program
    The QC’s assist the Trainers with one-on-one training on both new accounts and changes to existing accounts.


Quality Control

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