How many times just today would a pager have come in handy?

With a pager from Stenocall, you can be assured that when someone needs to get hold of you, you're available! And a pager is one of the least expensive ways to stay in touch. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a pager from Stenocall can keep you in contact -- especially suited to hospitals and any areas where other communication equipment is not permitted because of electronic interference.

Available coverage areas:

  • Local - all over Lubbock
  • Extended South Plains (ESP) - approximately Lubbock County and the surrounding counties
  • Statewide - most of the state of Texas

We have our own radio towers in Lubbock and the South Plains. We connect with other paging companies to provide statewide coverage.

We have a variety of pagers in three basic operational modes:

  • Alphanumeric Pagers can be used to receive and store any kind of text, as well as conventional numeric messages. The user receives a full text message eliminating the need to return calls.

  • Numeric Pagers - The person calling you enters in the number they would like for you to call. Many people use their own personal codes to communicate so the recipient doesn't even have to call back! For very minimal cost, you can enjoy the security and freedom of staying in touch with a numeric pager.

  • Voice Pagers - Our voice products may surprise you ... from basic to advanced, they let you hear the person's actual voice instantly, leaving nothing to guesswork. In addition to its small size and attractive styling, a voice pager is the essence of what communication is all about: getting a clear voice message to the right person, at the right time!

Our extensive backup power (batteries and generator) ensure continuous pager service. And if anything should go wrong with your pager, we're here 24 hours, 365 days at 806-762-0811 for fast repair or replacement service. (Just try that with other personal communications equipment.)

Don't miss another message ... your hospital, business, or family can't afford it.

Internet Paging

I-Page (Page via the Web)

This free service allows you to page any Stenocall pager from our web site. Available to all Stenocall pagers -- no signup needed.

Click to page someone now

E-Page (Page via Email)

This free service gives every Stenocall pager an Internet Email address. Your Email address is your Stenocall pager number "at" ( ).

Use 7 digits only -- no dashes, no area code. If you have an 800 number, ask our office for the local 7-digit number that corresponds to it.

Available to all Stenocall pagers -- no signup needed. To use, just send mail as in this example.

Notes: The mail subject is ignored. For best results, Email should in be plain text format, not HTML.